Program News

Racial Science and Racial Policies in Nazi Germany with Dr. Amir Teicher

In one of our summer semester Research Forum sessions, Dr. Amir Teicher joined our class for a fascinating look at Racial Science and Racial Policies in Nazi Germany. Dr. Teicher is a professor at Tel Aviv University, and specializes in... 

Arieh Oz, Child Survivor, Visits Cohort IV

In a recent Research Forum seminar, our students got to meet and hear from Arieh Oz, a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the IDF and Holocaust survivor. He told of his family’s history in pre-WWII Europe, his survival, and later immigration to Israel...


This unique MA Program is dedicated to creating and nurturing a new generation of Holocaust researchers and educators. In addition to rigorous multi-disciplinary course work with leading researchers, our students gain professional experience through internships, seminars and a study tour, all while volunteering with Holocaust survivors to help foster dedication to the field of Holocaust Studies.



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