holocaust-studies3 - Our visit to Poland: the Lublin Ghetto and Museum


Our visit to Poland: the Lublin Ghetto and Museum

IMG_3756 While in Lublin, our group visited the NN Theatre. After the fall of communism in Poland, there was a surge to regain the memories lost about the war. The project’s goal was to study and learn about Jewish history in WWII, and it started at the Grodzka Gate, or the gate to the Jewish Quarter in old Lublin, which became the NN Theatre. Coincidently, it was also the gate to the Jewish Ghetto during the Holocaust and it was part of an underground black market in Lublin.


Files in the background as students from Cohort V listen to our guide

Now, the building acts as a functioning museum and education center about the Holocaust. The rooms are lined with archives, most rooms have rows of shelves all around the walls, and they have a folder for every single Jew who lived and died in the Lublin Ghetto. Sometimes, there is only a name and an address and other times the folder is full of information, but the group continues to collect information on the Jewish population. They also curate an impressive photo archive, and in many of the photos the staff can identify different people and tell their stories.


As there are very few Jews remaining in Lublin, the center is run almost completely by non-Jews. Throughout the year, they host different educational activities to learn about Jewish culture and the Holocaust. They also offer guided tours through the museum, and, most importantly, their archive offers amazing research to scholars looking for information, particularly on Jews in Lublin.


Our Guide at the NN Theatre explaining the background of the organization. 

Feel free to learn more about the museum and their archives at their website: http://teatrnn.pl/en/

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