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Courses by Discipline

Below you will find a list of all courses offered by the program according to disciplines. The syllabus of the course can be accessed by clicking on the title. These two short videos describe our program's a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of the Holocaust, using history, psychology, museum studies, education, anthropology and the arts to foster a comprehensive understanding of our subject material.



Anthropology of Memory (Not offered 2016-2017)

Human Rights, Holocaust, Genocide: The Politics of Remembrance  



Literature of the Shoah
The Literature of the Shoah course is provided through the international school. Because of that the course begins on Tuesday September 27, 2016. MA in Holocaust Studies students are permitted to begin the course on its second session, Tuesday October 25, 2016

Researching and Restaging the Ghez Collection of Jewish Artists Who Perished in the Holocaust: A Curatorial Experiment


From Silence to Omnipresence – Holocaust in the Curriculum

From Violence to Tolerance: Psychological Aspects in Holocaust Education

Holocaust Education for Democratic Values (Not offered 2016-2017)



The Final Solution

German Colonialism, Late Imperialism and Racial Theories Pre-Histories of the Holocaust?

German Jewry Under the Nazi Regime

Historiography of the Holocaust: An Introduction

Jews of Galicia: A History

Nazi Germany

The Second World War

The Holocaust in the Former Soviet Union

International Law / Genocide Studies

International Law and the Holocaust: A Survey

The Specter of Genocide

Thoughts About Genocide


German Language Course

Yiddish Language Course

Museum Studies

Holocaust Museums: Three Continents, Three Generations. (Not offered 2016-2017)

Curating the Holocaust: Holocaust Museums and Heritage Sites


Psychological Aspects of the Memory of the Holocaust 


Research Methods

Research Design and Thesis Writing

Methodological Workshop (Not offered 2016-2017)

Research Forum

Research Forum Course

Special Projects

Carl Lutz Student Curation Initiative           

Atlit Heritage Site Student Curating Project

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