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The Ghez Collection

Ghez Collection Catalogue


In 1978, Dr. Oscar Ghez de Castelnuovo (1905-1988) donated 137 works of art to the Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa in order to establish a “Memorial to Jewish Artists, Victims of Nazism.” Consisting of paintings, drawings, and sculptures, the collection showcases the works of 18 Jewish artists who lived and created art in Paris before the Holocaust. Following the Nazi invasion of France, many were Arrested by the Nazis and their French collaborators and interned in the French transit camps of Drancy, Gurs, Compiègne before being deported the death camps of Eastern Europe.


In 2017 the students worked with Dr. Rachel Perry to research these 18 artists and compiled a catalog dedicated the lives and works of these artists.


We are proud to share the digital version of the catalog, which is available to view here.


In the Spring of 2018 we were excited to open the exhibition Arrivals, Departures; The Oscar Ghez Collection in the Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa. Select students were given the opportunity to work with Dr. Rachel Perry as an internship curating and installing the exhibition.


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